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Boquerones-the White Anchovey

Boquerones, a frequent tapa in Spain, is one of my favorite appetizers.They are white anchovies preserves in oil and vinegar. A common way of serving boquerones is with garlic and parsley, for those who do not like parsley, my husband, garlic and chives or scallions work great as well. They are also really good in salads, Cesar salad in particular, and on sandwiches.

While in Madrid  and San Sebastian , Spain we got to enjoy these boquerones in a new and different way, pintxos (pronounced pinchos) is what they are called (originated from the Basque Country). These are mini open-faced sandwiches piled with goodness from some unearthly source. In the picture below I am enjoying pintxos at a  bar in San Sebastion, Spain, probably my favorite city in the world so far. All the bars and restaurant in the area work on the honor system and have trays of different kind of pintxos at the bar, you just eat until you’re satisfied and then pay for the number of pintxos you’ve eaten. It is also very interesting to participate in pintxo tours around the city, hopping from one bar to the next you can get a great sample of what these pintxos are all about…WARNING, this does require pacing! 

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This entry was posted on February 24, 2012 by in Food.
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