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Day 6, Tallinn

I had porridge for breakfast this morning. I haven’t had porridge in so many years. Growing up my mom would make wheat porridge on Sunday mornings for breakfast. Eating it with blackberry jam today reminded me of waking up on winter Sunday mornings with snow on the ground when we lived in Chicago. Yeah, I know I’m a bit overly sentimental about these things…can’t help it.
He said he’d get it if they only had his size…

We spent the majority of today shopping around Tallinn’s old town. It seems so much easier to buy Christmas gifts when you’re traveling than to buy them at home. We focused our time and efforts primarily on  shops that had authentic, Estonian made souvenirs. We had great luck Christmas shopping and I will be very excited to cross names off the Christmas list this early in the year.  [JP note:  except for you, dear reader.  We didn’t get a gift for you because.. we couldn’t find the right thing.  But we love you.]
I’ve been searching for unique looking appetizer plates for my kitchen. I figured I’d keep that in mind when shopping here but haven’t found anything I like in particular. They have many Estonian designed plates here but the designs are just not cutting it for me…my search will continue in Amsterdam.

Shopping will make you hungry so we stopped at a cafe for some snacks. We had tea with cheese cake and chocolate. I can pass chocolate any day, just not that big of a fan, so I focused on the yummy cherry cheese cake and Jerry on the chocolates.
We continued shopping and came across many streets that were new to us. Until this point we’ve only seen one building made of wood, the rest are out of stone and brick. When reading about the old town at some point I read that the lack of wooden building was one of the reasons the town is so well preserved compared to other European towns. Tallinn’s old town was far better protected from fires than other cities whose buildings were made primarily of wood. Wood…it doesn’t stand a chance.
View from an overlook

Some science institute building.
So what does NB stand for?

[JP:   I think it is “Не можнa бытжез!!!”]
Yummy pizza
For lunch we stopped at an Italian restaurant, we couldn’t resist. There we enjoyed fresh salad, bruschetta, and a simple cheese pizza. The pizza, for some reason, was just so good. I don’t know how to explain it. And the bread they gave us…we just kept eating it. It was warm with a crunchy crust just how I like it and it was very tough to stop eating.
We continued shopping after lunch and ran into some street musicians. I love street musicians! There’s something about having live music on the street that just brings the city to life. The two girls we saw were playing a flute and a harp, it was so nice to listen to them. [JP: the small girl in the red contributed nothing; I made it clear that she was not to partake of the tip we left]  We came across a hair salon and Jerry, needing a haircut, went in and got one. This getting haircuts in foreign countries is becoming a trend of his (he desperately needed and got a haircut when we were in Paris).
For dinner tonight we ate at an Indian restaurant, I know, not very Estonian. It was good though and nice to eat something spicy.
Enjoying mango and banana lassis, a traditional Indian
yogurt drink, its like a refreshing smoothie. Very good.
Naan bread stuffed with spiced lamb meat. We ate this with
raita sauce, a yogurt based sauce very similar to the Greek
Tzatziki sauce.
Vegetable samosa…it was okay. I was a bit put off by
the fried shell.
Inside the Indian restaurant. The stone walls
looked so awesome.
For my dinner I had fish tikka masala with vegetables. The
fish was salmon and salmon is just not that good when it’s
stewed. It turns creepy soft. The vegetables and sauce were
great over Basmati rice.
Jerry enjoyed the Lamb Vindaloo for dinner.

3 comments on “Day 6, Tallinn

  1. Rusty Kucher
    August 15, 2012

    JP is one hilarious fellow. "I made it clear she was not to partake in the tip we left" LOL!

  2. Angelina Odemchuk
    August 15, 2012

    Great pictures, your becoming quiet the photographer. Food looks delish.. did you really eat lamb? lol

  3. Natalya Perullo
    August 16, 2012

    Jerry did eat lamb for dinner. I'm guessing you're not a fan.

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