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Dill Pickles

IMG_8809[1]This dill pickle recipe is far more mild than your conventional dill pickle recipe, but they’re delicious and refreshing nonetheless. We had these pickles regularly growing up. My mom asked me to pick up a bunch of pickling cucumbers for her a couple weeks ago, so I went ahead and got a bunch for myself as well. This recipe truly is very quick and easy.

20-25 Pickling Cucumbers
10 Cloves of Garlic
Several Stalks of Dill (or you can just buy dill leaves)
2 Horseradish Leaves (optional)
1 TBSP Whole Allspice
1 TBSP Mustard Seeds
~6 Bay Leaves
Water & Salt (1 TBSP Salt: 1 L Water)
A 1 Gallon Glass Container

1. Thoroughly wash your cucumbers, cut the ends off each side, and set them aside.IMG_8628[1]

2. Peel your garlic cloves. Cut the dill stalks into approximately 4″ sticks. Cut the horseradish leaves into approximately 4″ pieces. Measure out all your remaining spices (allspice, mustard seeds, and bay leaves).


Cut Dill Stalks


Horseradish Leaves


I recruited Jerry to help me peel the garlic (my least favorite cooking chore). He refused to smile because he said it’d look like he wasn’t working hard.


3. Place half of all the garlic and half of all the spices on the bottom of your 1 gallon glass container.

4. Line as many pickling cucumbers into the container as you can fit. IMG_8648[1]



5. Place the remainder of the garlic and spices over the cucumbers.

6. Bring your brine to a boil in a large pot.

7. Fill the container with as much hot brine as possible (make sure to cover the cucumbers completely). Allow the cucumbers to sit out at room temperature for about 3-4 days. Refrigerate the pickles before serving.


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