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Skiing Telluride & Eating All Their Good Food

Mountain view from the plane
Telluride Villiage from the Gondola

Telluride, CO, being about 9,000 at its base, was a perfect choice for early skiing. Back in March we came to Telluride for some spring skiing and really enjoyed it. The temperature remained below freezing most of the time. We spent 4 days skiing. The skiing was great days 1 & 2; the snow was perfectly fluffy and I managed to build up to doing several black diamonds and then took on the legendary (for me) double black Little Rose. Little Rose is tough because it starts out very wide and thins down like a funnel forcing you into those damned moguls where you spend the next twenty minutes struggling, sweating (and that’s at about 11,000+ ft, no reason you should be sweating), and praying you don’t face plant into one of them. Luckily I was spared this time, I can’t say the same for our dear friend Dion who was snowboarding. On days 3 & 4 the snow began freezing over in some areas and I stayed away from the black diamonds and stuck mostly to the blue routes, the ice didn’t stop Jerry & Dion though. Some of our favorite runs included Bushwacker, Bail Out, See Forever, Enchanted Forest, Plunge, and Silver Glade.

Enjoying lunch on
our first day of skiing

Trying to navigate something tough
Finished day 2 of skiing successfully.
Day 3 of skiing we enjoyed lunch at Alpino Vino restaurant situated at 11,996 ft. What an amazing meal! Our order included the charcuterie plate, a side of artichoke hearts which still had stems that were deliciously edible, and a Gorgonzola tomato soup with a grilled cheese sandwich.Everything was delicious and exquisite and the grilled cheese sandwich wasn’t your regular grilled cheese, it was filled with several different cheeses, sun-dried tomatoes and a tasty sauce. This restaurant was truly the food highlight of the trip for me.


We enjoyed a good dinner and great company at 221 South Oak residing in one of the oldest buildings in Telluride. The food was delectable, savory pate, scrumptious ribs, and a great ceasar salad WITH THE WHITE ANCHOVIES! And those were only the starters of our meal.

Cool silhouette Jerry captured as I was making my way down Bail Out

The following night we had dinner at Siam, a Thai restaurant. Jerry and I shared the whole fish in red curry sauce, it was very delicious with that Jasmine rice that always hits the spot and the slew of hot sauces you find at all Thai restaurant.

On our last day of skiing we decided to cook at the house as it was very difficult to make reservations the weekend on New Year. Jerry prepared a tenderloin seasoning it with salt, pepper, a ton of fresh cilantro, garlic, and red wine.He then browned the tenerloin quickly on a pan and roasted it at 400 degrees until the probe read 120. We then let the tenderloin sit out covered for about 5 minutes before serving it. I, on the other hand, was working on a concoction of my own, Gorgonzola garlic potatoes. I started by cutting the potatoes into wedges and bringing them to a boil in a pot. Once they were softening up but not quite ready I put them in a skillet with some sizzling olive oil in order to cook them fully and give them some color. As the potatoes were cooking I wedged an onion into fairly small wedges and began sauteing those with very little oil and some salt. As the onion began turning translucent I added about a half a cup of the red wine I was drinking, it happened to be a Cote Du Rhone, and this gave the onion a nice flavor and added some color. I then mixed the potatoes and onion, added some freshly minced garlic, and crumbled Gorgonzola cheese. The potatoes and tenderloin were delicious!

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