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Day 4, Vienna

We had breakfast in Prague this morning and then got a ride to the train station where we took a 4 hour train ride from Prague to Vienna. Jerry thought ahead thankfully and all day yesterday while we were walking around town the movie Amadeus was downloading. This movie is about Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart told form the point of view of Antonio Salieri, the court composer for the Emperor of Vienna. Vienna, the capital of classical music was the ultimate achievement of many composers at the time. We watched this movie on that 4 hour train ride, and we certainly needed the time as it was a 3.5 hour movie. Even though it was a great movie the plot was very sad and despondent. Watching the movie we didn’t get much chance to look out the window during the ride but early in the ride on our way out of Prague I captured a few shots of the rapeseed fields that looked amazing with the potential storm looming.

Unlike Czech Republic, Austria uses the euro for currency. I was under the impression that all countries who were part of the EU, apart from the UK, used the euro, but this isn’t the case. Apparently Latvia, Romania, Bulgaria, Denmark, and several others do not use the euro. Czech Republic used the crown.

Once in Vienna we took the local metro to get to our hotel. In Vienna we are staying in a more modern hotel which has the most outstanding view of the city from the 12th floor. It was 4 when we got to the city and we didn’t waste any time; as soon as we were checked in we set out on foot to explore beautiful Vienna. We were starving coming off the train but didn’t want to eat dinner until later so we stopped at a local bakery and got a snack to get us through until dinner. We had mini pretzel dough sandwiches with salami, lettuce and some other goodness….it was unbelievably delicious! Seriously, why haven’t  I seen a pretzel sandwich until now in my life, it’s totally the way to go. The bread is the perfect density and then you get this salt crystal every once in a while as you chow down on the sandwich.

The city of Vienna, well at least the historic areas, have that historic European architecture but it just seemed like it was newer than in Prague, perhaps just refaced or something along those lines. The streets are narrow and cobbled with unique shops and restaurants every where you go. This city seems to have so many little nooks and crannies and arched entrances adding softness to the architecture.

For dinner tonight we settled for an Italian restaurant which turned out to be a huge win. For our appetizers we went with an antipasti plate filled with cheese, meats, and pickled veggies, an octopus salad, and truffle risotto, each of these was independently exceptional. We really put a hurting on the squid stock of the restaurant that night, they had two different entree preparations of squid and we each got one of them. I got the grilled squid on salad and Jerry went with the squid stuffed with prawns and a side of grilled polenta. Both dishes were great and we cleaned our plates. For dessert our waiter recommended we go with the panna cotta with fruit, his recommendation could not have been more correct, it really hit the spot. Panna Cotta is an Italian dessert, it has the consistency of flan but it is far superior to the egginess of flan. It is prepared by simmering together cream, milk, and sugar with gelatin giving it the perfect sweetness to pair with the tartness of berries. From today’s preview Vienna promises great things.

Octopus Salad
Antipasti Platter
Truffled Risotto
Stuffed Squid
Grilled squid over Salad
Panna Cotta Dessert

One comment on “Day 4, Vienna

  1. Kassie Bryant
    May 8, 2012

    You guys do the coolest stuff and, hands down, eat the best food!! Hope to see you this summer 🙂 After reading your stuff yesterday I decided to go back to blogging, it is so much fun!

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