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Baby Food: Barley, Squash, & Peas

Barley is the newest grain we’ve introduced our little one to. It’s not gluten free, but it’s a great source of vitamin A and protein. One suggestion I’d make about cooking barley for your baby is to use a lot more water than you would normally use for any grain. Barley has the ability to really blow up and absorb a lot of water. I cooked a half cup of barley in 2 cups of water and still ended up adding more water later on when trying to puree it. Let the barley absorb the water, soften, and then add more water. For this recipe I used:

1/2 Cup Barley, cooked
2 Yellow Squashes
1 Cup Peas

This recipe really turns out to be an awesome shade of green. I usually add some fresh avocado to the baby food before feeding Cella to help with nutrient absorption (fats can help your body absorb nutrients).



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