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Baby Food: Potato

Sweet Potato is a favorite among all babies. This was no different when I introduced sweet potato to my little girl. Since she loves it so much I try to mix it up with different vegetables each time I make it for her. I also feel it’s a great way to introduce new foods to your baby. For this first combination I combined :

2 Large Sweet Potatoes
1 Large Zucchini

This made for a light and fluffy meal. The next time I made this combination I mixed it with another recipe:

2 Large Sweet Potatoes
1 Large Zucchini
1/2 Cup Quinoa
1 Large Carrot
6 oz. Spinach

I found that when I fed Cella the quinoa, carrot, and spinach combined with the sweet potato and zucchini she ate more of it than when I fed her the quinoa, carrots, and spinach alone. I usually add some fresh avocado to the baby food before feeding Cella to help with nutrient absorption (fats can help your body absorb nutrients).


Sweet Potato + Zucchini


Sweet Potato + Zucchini


Quinoa, Carrots, and Spinach

When I wanted to introduce Russet potato into Cella’s diet I combined it with sweet potato and I also added a new green vegetable to her diet, green beans.  Don’t forget to add plenty of water to your baby food, this will help them digest all these new foods in their tiny bellies.

1 Large Sweet Potato
1 Large Russet Potato
2 Cups Green Beans, steamed


Sweet Potato + Russet Potato + Green Beans


Sweet Potato + Russet Potato + Green Beans


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