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Baby Food: Quinoa, Carrots, & Spinach

Quinoa, while it looks like another grain, is actually a seed. This yummy and poppy (when chewed) seed is also very healthy. Most sources I read talked about introducing quinoa to your baby’s diet at 8 months. I started giving it to Cella at 6 and she tolerated it just fine. Adding quinoa to your baby’s diet is a good way of introducing protein before you’re ready to give your baby meat. I always make sure to mix it with plenty of colorful vegetables and water. For this recipe I used:

1 Large Carrot, steamed
6 oz. Spinach, steamed
1/2 Cup Quinoa, cooked

I mixed all these ingredients in my Beaba food processor. I had to add water a couple times. The final product turned out to be a beautiful rich green color. I will almost always add some fresh avocado to the baby food before feeding Cella to help with nutrient absorption (fats can help your body absorb nutrients). I wasn’t sure how Cella would react to the nutty taste of the quinoa, but she really liked it.



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