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Cella’s First Year

I took monthly photos of our little Cella for her first year. I’m SO relieved to be finished with this series of photos!! While it’s awesome to see her growing relative to her pink chair, it was quite the commitment for the first year. I hope I can do this for baby #2 as well (I better start looking for the perfect chair!). The original flags are from a baby shower that my sisters made for me (I used those for most of the months). I later tried to make themed flags for the different months and holidays in the year. I did better on some months than others. The pink chair came from amazon, but it was tough to find. The numbers in the photos are made of wood and spray painted black. I found those somewhere online as well.

March 2013:
1 Week Old
6.4 lbs.
19″ tall


April 2013: Goose’s 1 month debut.
1 Month Old
9.8 lbs.
20.75″ tall

May 2013: Barely holding up all her weight.
2 Months Old
12.0 lbs.
22.5″ tall

June 2013: Goose with her hanging belly.
3 Months Old
13.8 lbs.
23.5″ tall

July 2013: Look at those patriotic flags.
4 Months Old
14.5 lbs.
25.5″ tallDSC00029

August 2013: Almost half way through her first year.
5 Months Old
15.5 lbs.
26.0″ tallDSC00752

September 2013: Half way to a year!
6 Months Old
16.25 lbs.
26.5″ tallIMG_7822

October 2013: I would have made pumpkin flags for October if I had plannedĀ better.
7 Months Old
17.2 lbs.
26.5″ tallDSC02414

November 2013: Getting ready to get up and cruise around.
8 Months Old
17.2 lbs.
27″ tallDSC03213

December 2013: I’m happy because I have 2 teeth and it’s almost Christmas!
9 Months Old
17.75 lbs.
27.25″ tallDSC03616

January 2013: This was the least enjoyable photo-shoot, goose was just not that happy about taking her 10 month photo.
10 Months Old
19.36 lbs.
28″ tallDSC00183

February 2013: So much joy!
11 Months Old
19.64 lbs.
28.5″ tallDSC00896

March 2013: Look who’s so proud to be 1!
12 Months Old
19.7 lbs.
28.75″ tallDSC01298

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