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Christmas 2014

2014 was another great year for us. We celebrated some great milestones: Cella turned 1 in March, our 4 year anniversary in June, and Elon was born in July. We didn’t travel this year for Christmas, (we usually do) and we hope we can spend future Christmases at home too. 
We put up 2 trees every year, a 10-12′ artificial tree and a smaller real tree in the bay window. This year I decked the artificial tree out in white and gold decor. Cella was still a baby last year during Christmas so she wasn’t destructive with the ornaments. I thought she might be destructive with them this year and try pulling them down, but she was very gentile.

Cella’s wore this adorable lace collared shirt by Richie house on Christmas Eve as we ran a few errands before preparing Christmas Eve dinner.  She then wore a festive hunter green velvet dress for a candle light Christmas Eve service which we all greatly enjoyed.

IMG_0962 DSC03340
The geese fooling off in their matching Christmas pajamas on Christmas Eve. Look at those adorable faces and smiles. My parents always got us pajamas for Christmas. I love that tradition and plan on getting the kids a pair of matching (if possible) Christmas pajamas to wear starting Christmas eve.

DSC03398 DSC03416DSC03424

Cella and Nina playing with some of Nina’s Christmas gifts.

Aunt Dina joined us fgor Christmas day.

DSC03485 DSC03489
e tried very hard to get a sweet picture of the geese together…turned out to be a lot tougher than I thought it’d be.

DSC03496 DSC03515 DSC03516
My live Christmas tree this year was silver and white. Cella was very anxious to tear the wrapping off of all the gifts.

DSC03519 DSC03526
Hugs and kisses for aunt Kristina and uncle Sergey.

Elon’s first Christmas present was a Wedgwood ornament. You see how happy he is to receive an ornament for Christmas?

DSC03555 DSC03559
Cella had been talking about Elmo so much in the last few months that we got her an Elmo for Christmas.

Goose and daddy playing with some of Cella’s christmas gifts.

Our Christmas morning crew, lovely family and friends.

Jerry took it upon himself to make the main dish for Christmas lunch, a standing rib roast. It was truly outstanding!


I found this precious Christmas tablecloth at Home Goods. I couldn’t be happier with how it looks and I love the pops of yellow color in between the traditional red and green.

A bottle of Limoncello was one of my favotitye Christmas gifts this year. And we enjoyed it after our filling lunch.

A visit to the park with the kids and some friends after a late Christmas lunch was a nice tough to the day.


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