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Pickled Swordfish


It seems like my parents made this recipe whenever they got their hands on some fresh fish. We had it all the time growing up. I believe you can use this recipe with any type of fish by just adjusting the vinegar soaking time depending on the type of fish (shorter soaking time for less meaty fish). I like to use swordfish for this recipe because otherwise swordfish is almost too meaty and often too tough with other preparations.

2-3 Lbs. Raw Swordfish
4 Cups Distilled White Vinegar
1 1/4 Cups Salt
Bay Leaves
Whole Peppercorns
Sunflower Oil (using unrefined sunflower oil will give a more authentic flavor)

1. Remove skin off the fish and cut the fish into strips or cubes as shown below. Place the raw fish into a large bowl.DSC02128DSC02131

2. Add the salt and vinegar to the fish and mix everything with a large spoon until the salt is all diluted and you get a milky colored mixture. Add more salt and vinegar if you need to in order to cover all the fish. Place a plate over the fish to keep it all submerged in the vinegar. Set the bowl aside for 3 hours. IMG_1027IMG_1030

3. Drain the vinegar after 3 hours and do 3 twenty minute washes in cold water. IMG_1031DSC02140

4. Strain the fish after the third wash. Squeeze as much water out of the fish as you can.

5. Place a few bay leaves and some whole peppercorns on the bottom of a Mason jar. Add all the fish to the jar. Put in a few more bay leaves and a small handful of whole peppercorns over the fish. Pour enough sunflower oil over the fish to cover it.IMG_1040

6. Store the fish in the fridge. Serve the fish over some thinly sliced onion as an appetizer or side.


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